NSK Grease LR3



It is an environmentally friendly and widely used grease for high load application. It is mineral oil based grease containing lithium thickener and several additives. It is superb in load resistance as well as stability in oxidization. It not only maintains good lubrication over a long period of time, but also demonstrates superb capability in retaining water. Even containing a large amount of water, it does not lose grease when it is softened.


It is a standard grease for general NSK linear guides, ballscrews, and monocarriers. It is prevalently used in many applications because of its high base oil viscosity, high load resistance, and stability in oxidization.

Range of use temperature:

-10 to + 110oC



Lithium soap base

Base Oil

Mineral oil
Consistency 275
Dropping point 181oC
Volume of evaporation 0.24% (99oC, 22 hr)
Copper plate corrosion test Satisfactory (Method B, 100oC, 24 hr)
Oil separation 2.8% (100oC, 24 hr)
Base oil kinematic viscosity 130 mm2/s (40oC)