NSK Grease LGU




This is a proprietary urea grease of NSK featuring low dust emission exclusively for ball screws and linear guides which are used in clean room. In comparison with fluorine base grease, which has been used commonly in clean rooms, LGU has better lubricating property, longer duration of lubricant, better torque variation, much better anti-rust property, and equivalently or better dust emission. In addition, this grease can be handled in the same way as other common grease because high-grade synthethic oil is used as the base oil. LGU grease contains much less metallic elements compared to LG2 grease. It can be used in high temperature environment.


This is exclusive lubrication grease for ball screws and linear guides that are installed in equipment that require cleanliness, as same as LG2 grease, and it can be used in high temperature range.

Range of use temperature:


-30 to +120oC


Thickener Dlurea

Base oil

Synthetic hydrocarbon oil
Consistency 288
Dropping point 269oC
Volume of evaporation 7.9% (177oC, 22hr)
Copper plate corrosion test Satisfactory (Method B, 100oC, 24 hr)
Oil separation 0.6% (100oC, 24 hr)
Base oil kinematic viscosity 27 mm2/s (40oC)