NSK Technology

NSK Technology

Core Technologies

NSK Technology is based on our "Four Core Technologies". NSK has established a "Platform of Technology" that forms the basis of product design for our bearings, automotive products and precision machinery and parts, through the continued reinforcement of our "Four Core Technologies." This enables us to respond quickly to customer needs. Furthermore, by integrating these advanced technologies, we are strengthening our capabilities to develop next-generation products.


Lubrication technology that meets demands for higher performance, including high-speed capability, quiet rotation, ability to sustain heavy loads and durability, is required for bearings supporting rotational or linear motion applications. NSK products embody advances in the field of tribology - the science of lubrication, including the design of enhanced grease formulations and solid lubricants, and the improvement of surface-processing methods.

Material Engineering

NSK must always reconcile the demands of product functions and durability with those of cost and productivity. We have aggressively worked on advancing our material engineering capabilities, focusing on material design, heat treatment, performance evaluation, and analytical evaluation. Our accumulated knowledge of material engineering has brought improvements in durability and reliability for bearings used in automobiles, industrial machinery and various other applications.

Analysis Technology

Analysis technology makes an important contribution to the design and development of sophisticated, highly reliable products and the development of highly efficient production systems. The improvement of this technology is a major priority for NSK. We use computer simulations to carry out virtual testing in situations that require high standards of precision or where evaluation using actual devices would be impractical. The further improvement of analysis technology is also helping to speed up product development.


Mechatronics is based on the fusion of mechanical elements and electronics. NSK is a leader in this field of high-performance motors, control technology, sensing technology, mounting technology for applications requiring high temperatures, high densities, and high reliability, and technology for biomedical microelectromechanical systems (Bio-MEMS).